Del Objeto del Objeto (CDMX)

Mexico City. Del Objeto del Objeto design museum, with current exhibition "Del Plato a la Boca"

The downstairs area invites visitors to post personal stories such as their worst cooking disaster, or their ideal menu. Response is on topic.


Gorgeous stairwell photo of knives used by cooks at Pujol restaurant. Chef's costume photo op.

Display structures are linear, open, floating, but with the metal painted to draw attention to itself. Lighting with a lot of play of shadows. Diagramatic numbered approach. In most of the museums in Mexico, the lights in each gallery are on motion sensors, to save energy.


Wooden cook book display with option to hang from above. Wall book display with simple ledges mounted on wood with one solid plex cover

Diagram labels treated separately on the walls surrounding the center display


Hand painted intro text!

For each of their temporary exhibit, the museum creates an "Ensamble o Gabinete" shadow box to commemorate the theme of the exhibit. These are displayed in a stairwell, as an additive permanent "exhibition of their exhibitions".

Time line room treated in circular fashion, including the whimsy of some personal chef's belongings