Colonial Branding (Patzcuaro)

Patzcuaro, Mexico. The colonial heritage of this historical city (1320) is protected through regulations regarding architecture, maintaining the red lower and white upper facades of the buildings. The regulations extend to the typography of signage as well. Use of the first letter as red with black lettering on a white background, use of an incised typeface, and use of a capitol "O" treated as lower case, with a tilde. The term "tilde" comes from Spanish "titilus" latin meaning title or superscription. Originally it was used above a letter, as a way of abbreviating longer words and saving space. Note that a font named "Patzcuaro" was designed in 2000 by Frantisek Storm (Storm Type Foundry), in upper case only, regular and estrecho. In spite of these regulations, there are many variations to be seen around town.