Graphic Arts (Oaxaca)

Oaxaca, Mexico. "Graphic Arts" in Mexico refers to artists using print, which has a long, & often political history, not "graphic design" in the more global, modern sense of layout, typography, etc.
The "Leopoldo Mendez" exhibition, in the Museo Cultural in Oaxaca features his remarkable "carved" art, of wood and linoleum graphic arts. It's astonishing to see an actual carved plate.


The Intsituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca (AIGO) exhibition "El Ultimo Grito" presents a combination of French and Mexican graphic artists. "Chingona" has a cluster of meanings-cool, to mess with people, smart, really good... The intro panel appears to be bilingual by splitting each sentence between French and Spanish. The "Ultimo Grito" title is cut into the papel picado. Interesting that this Mexican + French combined effort is focused on co-themes of death and sex.


Also at AIGO, another tribute to the "disappeared" people of Mexico, in the forms of kites, above the entry. Also a series of posters concerned about genetically modified food.