Museo Textil (Oaxaca)

Oaxaca, Mexico. Just past the simple entry desk of this small museum, the central courtyard is built out of triangular terra cotta panels, at different depths. The opening to the sky is a changing venue for museum textile projects, at the moment the "Bandhani" project, catching the sun, and fluttering in the breeze.

Gallery names are on shaped clay panels

The temporary exhibition "Hilar el Viento" is about the Mexican tradition of weaving with feathers. Visitors pass through a (double) curtained doorway. The gallery is absolutely hushed and light, and the most powerful element is the sound of birds singing, airy and haunting. 

Gauze veils make the space seem larger, and gradually reveals each piece. 

A simple interactive shows how feathers can be "spun". The whole exhibition reflects the impossibly light and soft feeling of the material.

The "portable museum" is a showcase of small models of monumental feather sculpture ideas

The restrooms uses traditional Oaxacan dress to distinguish men and women.

Museum workshop space