Collage as a Graphic Art Practice

I created (postcard size) collages to process my experiences on the road. I arrived home with 176 of them in my back pack. A few examples here. If graphic design is the arrangement of word and image to communicate a pre-determined message, then (for me) collage is a graphic art in the service of mystery, an unconscious arrangement of found word and image to discover complex meanings. A visual poem of experience. I've decided to continue this personal practice... (after I catch my breath!) 

Scan 17f.jpg
Scan 5f.jpg
Scan 11f.jpg
Scan 4f.jpg
Scan 34f.jpg
Scan 18f.jpg
Scan 14f.jpg
Scan 20f.jpg
Scan 23f.jpg
Scan 8f.jpg
Scan 26f.jpg
Scan 1 frame.jpg
Scan 25f.jpg
Scan 30f.jpg
Scan 65f.jpg