Biennale (Kochi)

Kochi, India. City wide, international Art event. Well attended with inspiring local involvement.

Event Graphic Design
The Biennale Foundation logo suggests an intersection. I don't know the origin or intent, but I wonder if it's related to an actual intersection, near the oldest art gallery in Kochi? "Muzuris" is a reference to the ancient (lost) seaport.

The logo system (often hand painted) is intended to represent the many interesting programs they support, including Art in hospitals. Inline font treatment (often stencil painted), in Malayalam and English, paired with colorful wavy lines that work well on the streets around town.

Event graphics for navigation, scheduling colatoral, ticketing, store, and Art interpretation are spread widely across town, radiating out from Aspinwall House at the center.

Even housekeeping has a Biennale uniform.

Art Hghlights
It wasn't possible to see ALL the interesting & thoughtful Art at the Biennale, in 2 days. Here are just a few examples, of Art that also stimulates thinking about museum design, mediation, or interaction.

An exhibition of "Bicycle Thrones" by designer Gunjan Gupta

A starscape, transluscent sun shade in the Aspinwall House courtyard

"Bad Trip". Danielle Galliano purchases existing paintings by unknown artists, and then interacts with visitors who then become subjects which he adds to the paintings.

"Secret Dialogs". C Bhagyanath's beautiful layered drawings, with their implied motion, reveal more, or less, as the air gently billows the paper. Interesting in relation to museum interactive use drawings.

This extraordinary theater was the venue for film showings during the festival

Yang Hongwei's scrolls, using photoshop to crossover past and present.

Sunil Padwal "Room for Lies", an installation of objects, beautiful drawings, and random photos. The lamp in each room hangs almost down to the floor. Interesting use of the corners, here and there.

Some uses of projection