Food Design (Kyoto)

Kyoto, Ise, Hirayunomori, Inuyama, Japan. I think the Japanese are considered to be the undisputed masters of the art of plastic food models, used at restaurants to advertise the menu.

Amazing detail and textures

A rare find! A creative 6 bowl composition with exploding noodles, eggs and pork.

Real take-out food, wrapped in plastic, doesn't even look as good

Real produce, shrink wrapped in the market, is almost as beautiful.

Japanese graphic design of food packaging takes a few different approaches. One aesthetic references historical packaging:

Another, glitzier aesthetic incorporates food photos, and moves towards the glammor of the plastic food displays:

This spectacular lobster cracker package uses photo and shape, for content that is otherwise boring looking.

Packaging design and plastic food model displays are sometimes combined. Plex vitrines, on top of the stacks, display the plastic food models:

Sometimes the plastic food is presented inside the package, often with a cut out view of the inside filling.


These chocolate boxes have an indented corner shape.