Good Museum (Tokyo)

Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo General Manners Project was established in September, 2016, to educate and promote the practice of good manners in Tokyo (and hopefully the whole world). TGMP aims to exemplify good manners themselves, and to inspire every citizen and visitor to do the same. The Tokyo Good museum is a "virtual museum" based on "manner curation", presenting "works" of good behavior and ideas to solve manner issues. They generate and collect this "content" from both citizens and tourists, and present it "through a frame called museum".

This raises the question of how we define "museum" and whether some kind of physical component is essential to that definition. The Good Museum has a website, and lives on social media. I found this physical print piece inserted into the current TimeOut Tokyo.

"Your guidebook to a well mannered city" is a two directional (upside down) booklet featuring two Tokyo neighborhoods, in English only. 

Here, for example, drinking etiquette is incorporated into other tourist material, including quirky items such as a personal, poetic sidebar about the metro.

Center spread with more instructions on manners worked in.