Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul)

Seoul, South Korea. Claims to be the largest "atypical" building in the world, by architect Zaha Hadid. The scale is dramatic, with lots of open space to situate it.

Wayfinding is totally integrated into the surface of the building


The paving is made up of variations on parallelograms, that seem to distort as if they were all being pulled toward the huge building from every direction. A slightly rough "seam" in one area catches the light and suggests a current change in water.

Huge banners drape casually over the shoulder of the building

Outdoor art installation of LED flowers. I wish I could've seen this at night

"Fornasetti: Practical Madness" is a temporary exhibition traveling from Europe... In this venue the designer had a sliding door to play with, as well as a store window along the queuing path.