Street Art (Athens)

Athens, Greece. The birthplace of democracy has a lively history of political protest. With the economic crisis, times are very hard in this country. Athens is a messy, layered melange of random tagging, occasional murals, and posted political posters. (AntifaLab, tagged below, is an antifascist art group)


Street art is transitive. I was hoping to see some mural art by Fikos, but in the neighborhoods I walked through, (Exarchia +), there was only an occasional mural in the mix.

It was almost May Day in Athens. Political posters were everywhere, with predictable protest design.

The overlap between event and protest poster design can be confusing to a foreigner who doesn't speak the language and isn't sure if they're being invited to a concert or a protest event.

The repeated patterns and collage of street posters, however unconscious, can be artful in itself.