Pharmacy Museum (Cluj)

Cluj Napoca, Romania. The Hinz House is the home of the Muzeul Farmaciei, where the oldest pharmacy in Cluj opened in 1573. Behind the entry desk is a copper collage of Transylvanian locations, dates, and medicinal sources, including unicorn.

The museum is small, organized naturally by the original functions of the rooms. Store room, Officina, Library, and the Laboratory in the basement. The atmosphere is old and magical. What seems amazing (at my first pharmacy museum ever), is the mix in this profession of ancient mystery and scientific research.


A surprise moment of playfulness when the guard waved at me. On the counter, below these scales is an interactive to identify 6 (well known) substances by smell.

The last room shifts to a display of more recent hospital equipment. The various lighting fixtures seem to have a (harsh) medical quality. I wonder if this suggestion of examination lights is intentional.


This bigger room also serves as the museum office and bookshop