TPTM (Timisoara)

Timisoara, Romania. "Typopassage Timisoara" is a graphic design group that is active in exhibition, workshops, street paper art, annual publication, online museum and more. TPTM describes themselves as "Micro museum with and about lettering". I found out about them accidentally, because our favorite tiny neighborhood cafe, Mokum, is one of their "Typocafe" sites. There was barely enough room on the cafe wall for 5 SVA posters.

Some graphic designers to look up, in connection with TPTM are Sorina Vasilescu, Ian Anderson, Alin Adnan Vasile, Nelu Wolfensohn, Hi Visuel Gestaltung, Ovidiu Hrin, and Alexe Popescu. I found an interesting and hefty design magazine in Mokum called "The Institute" that comes from the CSR design agency in Bucharest.