3D Imprimir el Mundo (Madrid)

Madrid, Spain. "3D Print the World" is one of three exhibitions at the "Espacio" of Fundacion Telefonica, the first skyscraper built in Europe, now with new elements, like steel floors and this modern spiral stair, inserted into it's renovation.

A side room on the mainfloor features a light up model of the building.

Upstairs, I almost missed the minimal entry treatment.

There are 4 main exhibition themes, "From Bits to Atoms", "Through the Rearview Mirror", "The Three Dimensional Footprint" and "A Step Beyond"

This initial string model is coupled with a thorough diagram of every 3D printing technique currently being used. The exhibition focuses on "revolutionary concepts such as authorship, sustainability, education and accessibility". The first room uses light tables with simple tactile elements to demonstrate 10 principles. As "token" tactile elements, they are boring. But later I realized how very helpful it was, before entering the main exhibition, to pause at each table and consider the huge implications of each principle. 

The text is really small throughout this exhibition. Large 3 D printed diagrams was a nice touch.

In the central room, objects are displayed along lines of vitrines coming from each side, the same content split by the egress lane in the middle. 

Twin wall polycarbonate borders the area. Area titles are projected on the floor along the center walkway.

Thoughtful subthemes include "New Game, New Rules" and "New Medium, New Languages"

Vitrines vary in height, open or closed on top. It was never clear which objects could be touched.


Videos about "printing" edible food were projected on dinner plates.


Turning back along the other side of the main room, visitors weave through hanging screens with videos, mostly about custom printing for ergonomics.


Then through a totally blackened space with hanging monitors of talking heads, who truly seem to float in the space.


Finally a few videos and objects showing how molecular "behavior" such as folding, can be printed. Because it's hard to keep up with this technology, a comprehensive exhibition is valuable. It helped me feel "up to date". For the moment anyway. More than thought-provoked, my mind was blown.