An Exhibit in Itself (GTO)

Guanajuato, Mexico. There’s something amusing about entering an exhibition that is also the object of the exhibition. This Canon lens is a good example of trade show meets environmental sculpture. The content is obvious (and surreal) from a distance.


We are all shrunk to insect size, including the vested guides (sales people.)


Enter the lens to look at the lenses. Look through the lens as if it you were taking a photograph of the town. A tube is a naturally perfect shape for signage, always at the right angle to the viewer.


The enormous lens cap texture, made in photoshop.

Slightly sunk into the pavement, it appears as if it was gently dropped by a giant.


The scale of “mimetic’ architecture is absurd and playful. Who can resist the urge to go inside a big toy?


Another cylinder, this beer can bar is not so enticing, perhaps because it’s more sunken and closed?